The Brand: Designing Your Church's Brand

Since this is my first blog post on Church Creative, let's get to know each other a little more. My name is Chris Heiden and by day I work in SaaS software.

I am also a graphic designer and have been designing for churches for the past 10 years in a variety of different ways: web, print, interactive, and more. Only recently have I decided to take this idea and make it bigger. I have noticed that there are churches that are hurting and hungry for design to help market and usher in the new generation of parishioners. This is where Church Creative comes into play. We are here to help design and market for those churches that can't do it on their own. We are not only for small churches, if you church is large but have a lot on your plate, I can help too!

These blog post are here to help you outside of the design process. Think in ways to market and develop your church from a branding standpoint that you may have not thought of before. If you don't use me as a vendor, that is fine, but I do ask that you take some of the ideas and run with them. It could ultimately help your church get to that next level.